Mushroom Poisoning

If You Suspect a Poisoning

If you suspect that you have consumed a poisonous mushroom, contact a physician, or Missouri Poison Control Center. Once help has been secured, it is advisable to try to get the suspect mushrooms identified. MOMS provides a list of Emergency Identification Volunteers who are able to assist with identification in poisoning cases. It is best to get help if you are not familiar with mushroom identification.

What You Can Do

If you, someone you know, or even your pet may have been poisoned by mushrooms, try to get a sample of the same mushroom or mushrooms from where they were found. This will help aid in identification.

Place any available material in a paper bag or waxed paper, not plastic and refrigerate until it can be examined. Note where the mushrooms were collected in case the mushrooms may have been contaminated by uptake of pesticides or heavy metals from lawns, roadsides or industrial areas.

Mushroom Poison Syndromes

For a list of syndromes associated with various toxic mushrooms click here.

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