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The Missouri Mycological Society (MOMS) is very fortunate to have the support of a small contingency of myco-educators that donate their time, energy, and continual enthusiasm to helping groups and organizations throughout the Saint Louis metropolitan area, outstate Missouri and neighboring Illinois counties.

This group enables MOMS to offer speakers knowledgeable in amateur mycology for scheduling at special engagements and monthly meetings. MOMS is dedicated to expanding the understanding of mushrooms and mushrooming. We offer speakers that will provide your organization with an interesting and fun talk. Depending on who is speaking, the program may include an overview of the local edible and poisonous mushrooms, how and where to find them, recipes, etc.

An honorarium for our speakers is expected. This amount varies depending on the location of your event and other details. If you would like to schedule one of MOMS' speakers at your next event or meeting or would like more information, contact Mike Snyder.
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