The Incurable Epicureans

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Numerous reasons abound to be a part of the Missouri Mycological Society. There is the sharing with many approachable and like-minded club members in a love of the outdoors and all its countless gifts, both edible or non, that nature offers those on the hunt. We all share beneficially in the comradery that develops when folks of a like mind bond over those common pursuits and discoveries, engaging both the mind and the spirit toward those endeavors.

The Incurable Epicureans met each other through many MOMS moments and formed lasting friendships while discovering their love of creating food to share with each other. The IE group has been cooking together near to 25 years, we very much look forward to our three dinner events held each year. Over the years we have visited the cuisines of much of the world, eaten our way historically through major epochs of gastronomy, and followed the paths of famous chefs.

Our regret is that due to the logistics of venues for dining, we have limited our group to 35 members. The club is open to new membership the first of each year. The first 35 to respond or renew at $15 per person are invited to share in the culinary experiences of that year.

I have had the pleasure of choosing themes and menus these many years. Soon the planning will pass to another Incurable Epicurean member. Long may the Missouri Mycological Society and its gourmet club ‘mushroom’, flourish, and expand!


Linda Rolby, December 2021

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Please send your membership dues with your check made out to
Incurable Epicureans for $15.00 per person to:

Linda Rolby
649 North Harrison Ave.
Kirkwood, MO 63122
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Linda Rolby
Our Fearless Leader

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