Name: Rhodocybe mundula
Authority: (Lasch) Singer 1951
Vouchered by: J. Barkha McDermith
Date found: 10/27/2007
Synonyms: Rhodocybe popinalis (Fr.) Singer 1951
Collected by: Jay Justice
Voucher ID: 129
Confirming Mycologist: Dr. Andrew Methven & Jay Justice
Latitude: 037.822 N
Longitude: 090.236 W
City: Ste. Genevieve
County: Ste. Genevieve
State: Missouri
Site location: Hawn State Park
Habitat: woods - hardwoods & conifers
Moisture conditions: moist
Substrate: leaf - litter
Reference document: Mushrooms of Northeastern North America - 1997
Author:Alen E. Bessette, Arleen R. Bessette, David W. Fischer
ISBN No: 0-8156-2707-6
Page no:242
Spore length: 4 - 6 microns
Spore width: 4 - 5 microns
Spore color: hyaline
Spore texture: smooth to slightly bumpy with angular end
Spore shape: globose to subglobose
Spore print color: salmon
Chemical reaction: n/d
NOTE: This species was previously named Rhodocybe mundula. DNA analysis in 2015 returned Rhodocybe popinalis, but the macro and micro information along with Dr. Andrew Methven's close study of the actual voucher specimen confirmed this specimen is Rhodocybe mundula. Dr. Methven states that Rhodocybe popinalis is a different taxon and they are not synonyms (see annotations). For further information on the debate about this species, not this exact specimen, go to Michael Kuo's website: http://www.mushroomexpert.com/clitopilus_popinalis.html


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