Name: Morchella punctipes
Authority: Peck 1903
Vouchered by: Brad Bomanz
Date found: 4/19/2003
Synonyms: Morchella semilibera
Collected by: Brad Bomanz
Voucher ID: 81
 Confirming Mycologist: Dr. Andrew Methven
Latitude: 038.526 N
Longitude: 090.561 W
City: Eureka
County: St. Louis
State: Missouri
Site location: Tyson Research Center
Habitat: woods - hardwoods mixed
Moisture conditions: very moist
Substrate: humus
Author:Michael Kuo
ISBN No: n/a
Page no:n/a
Spore length: 26 microns
Spore width: 17 microns
Spore color: clear
Spore texture: smooth
Spore shape: elliptical
Spore print color: golden tan
Chemical reaction: n/d

Morchella punctipes used to be called "Morchella semilibera" before a recent DNA study (O'Donnell and collaborators, 2011) found support for the idea that Morchella semilibera is a strictly European species, and that our North American species are genetically distinct. Charles Peck (1903) noted that Morchella punctipes stem was adorned with small conical points. Thus, Peck coined the epithet punct - ipes (spotted - stem) and named a new species because, in his estimation, the usual half-free morel (Morchella semilibera) had a smooth stem. This vouchered specimen has small conical points covering the stem and combined with 2015 DNA analysis confirmed that this specimen is Morchella punctipes. For a more detailed description of this species characteristics, not this exact specimen, please refer to Michael Kuo's website: http://www.mushroomexpert.com/morchella_punctipes.html.

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