Name: Leucocoprinus cepistipes
Authority: (Sowerby, 1797) Patouillard, 1889
Vouchered by: Brad Bomanz
Date found: 10/6/2013
Collected by: Brad Bomanz
Voucher ID: 153
Confirming Mycologist: Dr. Andrew Methven
Latitude: 36.944
Longitude: -90.331
City: Wappapello
County: Wayne/Stoddard
State: Missouri
Site location: Camp Latonka
Habitat: Open area
Moisture conditions: Soaking wet
Substrate: Wood - mulch
Reference document: Mushrooms Demystified - 1979
Author:David Arora
ISBN No: 0-89815-912-3
Page no:302
Spore length: 8.0 - 11.3 microns
Spore width: 6.5 - 8.8 microns
Spore color: Hyaline
Spore texture: Smooth with germ pore
Spore shape: Broadly ellipsoid
Spore print color: White
Chemical reaction: Cap surface showed no change with KOH.
Also known as Leucocoprinus cepaestipes. These specimens were collected from several piles of wood chips along the side of a country road. Collection was done the morning after a torrential down pour. Specimens still show evidence of a fine-scaled bell-shaped cap and a partial veil. Spores are broadly ellipsoid, with a germ pore and smooth. Cap surface showed no change with KOH. Close examination by Dr. Methven in 2015 (see annotation above) combined with the 2015 DNA analysis confirmed that this specimen is Leucocoprinus cepistipes. For a more detailed description of this species, NOT this particular specimen, please visit: http://www.mushroomexpert.com/leucocoprinus_cepaestipes.html

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