Name: Leucocoprinus birnbaumii
Authority: (Corda) Singer 1962
Vouchered by: Brad Bomanz
Date found: 8/10/2014
Collected by: Brad Bomanz
Voucher ID: 117
Confirming Mycologist: Dr. Andrew Methven
Latitude: 38.621446
Longitude: -90.515671
City: Town & Country
County: Saint Louis
State: Missouri
Site location: Town & Country Crossing
Habitat: parking lot planting area
Moisture conditions: moist
Substrate: wood mulch
Reference document: Mushrooms Demystified - 1979
Author:David Arora
ISBN No: 0-89815-912-3
Page no:302
Spore length: 9 - 11 microns
Spore width: 6.5 - 8 microns
Spore color: clear
Spore texture: smooth
Spore shape: elliptical with an apical pore, thick-walled
Spore print color: white
Chemical reaction: n/d
Fruit bodies of Leucocoprinus birnbaumii were agaricoid (mushroom-shaped) and occured singly and in small clumps. All parts were bright, pale sulphur-yellow, but faded with age. When young, the cap was taller than broad, later becoming convex and around 20–60 mm (1–2.5 in) across. The cap surface was smooth but dotted with fine, easily detached scales, and developed shallow, radial grooves near the margin. The gills were free (not attached to the stem) and were covered by a partial veil when young, which ruptured to leave a fragile, evanescent ring on the stem. Microscopically, the specimen has thick-walled, ellipsoid spores, has a germ pore, and measures 9–11 by 6.5–8 µm. Close examination by Dr. Methven (see annotation above) combined with the 2015 DNA analysis confirmed that this specimen is Leucocoprinus birnbaumii.

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