Name: Lactarius chrysorheus
Authority: Fr. 1838
Vouchered by: J. Barkha McDermith
Date found: 10/27/2007
Collected by: J. Barkha McDermith
Voucher ID: 28
Confirming Mycologist: Jay Justice
Latitude: 037.822 N
Longitude: 090.236 W
City: n/d
County: St. Genevieve
State: Missouri
Site location: Hawn State Park
Habitat: woods - hardwoods & conifers
Moisture conditions: moist
Substrate: leaf - litter
Reference document: Mushrooms of Northeastern North America - 1997
Author:Alen E. Bessette, Arleen R. Bessette, David W. Fischer
ISBN No: 0-8156-2707-6
Page no:157
Spore length: 6 - 8 microns
Spore width: 5.5 - 6.5 microns
Spore color: clear
Spore texture: ornamented with 1 micron stiples
Spore shape: elliptical
Spore print color: pale yellow
Chemical reaction: n/d
Concentric rings on cap, flesh white turning yellow when cut, latex white turning bright yellow, abundant. Jay Justice reports this fungus is mycorrhizal with oak. Dr. Methven's annotation above states that the European taxon is NOT the same as the North American taxon. The North American taxon needs to receive a new name. Close examination by Dr. Methven (see annotation above) combined with the 2015 DNA analysis confirmed that this specimen is Lactarius chrysorheus.

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