Name: Gyromitra caroliniana
Authority: (Bosc) Fr. 1872
Vouchered by: Brad Bomanz
Date found: 4/19/2014
Collected by: Brad Bomanz
Voucher ID: 77
Confirming Mycologist: Dr. Andrew Methven
Latitude: 38.767582
Longitude: -90.421366
City: Bridgeton
County: St. Louis
State: Missouri
Site location: n/a
Habitat: lawn grass
Moisture conditions: dry
Substrate: soil - clay
Reference document: A Morel Hunter's Companion - 1988
Author:Nancy Smith Weber
ISBN No: 0-941912-10-8
Page no:151
Spore length: 24.5 - 30.5 microns
Spore width: 11.5 - 13.5 microns
Spore color: clear
Spore texture: Refer to "Comments" below.
Spore shape: oval with one or two apiculi
Spore print color: white - very light cream
Chemical reaction: n/d
Spores have 1 large oil droplet and 2-3 smaller ones; ellipsoid; spores were smooth and show they were also developing ornamentation as ridges and projections. DNA analysis in 2015 returned Gyromitra caroliniana and the macro and micro information, along with Dr. Andrew Methven's close study of the actual voucher specimen and the information supplied on Michael Kuo's website http://www.mushroomexpert.com/gyromitra_caroliniana.html described the specimen exactly. These results determined that this specimen is Gyromitra caroliniana.

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