Announcing MOMS new website

Welcome to Missouri Mycological Society's new website. If you've visited our old site, you will notice quite a few improvements that we've made. Now, when you join or renew your membership you are notified immediately. Our volunteers will no longer have to manually make all the updates. To answer some of your questions see our FAQ page.

Here's a partial list of improvements we've made:

  1. Immediate acknowledgement when you join, or renew your membership. Reminders are now sent to members with expiring memberships
  2. Easily contact any of our board members, committee members and other volunteers who help keep MOMS running smoothly.
  3. Easy to read calendar with more detailed information about events
  4. Ability to add other members of your household with their own contact information
  5. You can look up details of your previous membership going back several years
  6. You can look up previous events for which you registered
  7. Our new site is much more user-friendly to those of you using mobile devices

Plans for the future:

  1. Better integration with Facebook and other social media
  2. Have reminders texted to you on your phone
  3. Possible discussion forums
  4. We welcome you to make suggestions for things you would like to see.

Sorry, this website uses features that your browser doesn’t support. Upgrade to a newer version of Firefox, Chrome, Safari, or Edge and you’ll be all set.