Brad's Fall Foray Registration

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Brad's Fall Foray - 2018 Registration Desk

Oct 18 thru Oct 22 at Current River State Park

Registration fees for Brad's Fall Foray - 2018

$40 for MOMS members
$50 for non-members
$25 for students (over 16 and attending school)
For children 16 and under registration is free, however lodge beds and classes are the same price for everyone
EVERYONE - Please bring your own eating utensils and dinnerware
NO WALK-INS. Everyone must be pre-registered.
All registrations after October 1st will incur a late fee of $20
Last registration date is October 15th

Registrant Information
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format: xxx-xxx-xxxx
Guest List
Please list ALL the people in your party (INCLUDING CHILDREN). Please provide the following information:
1. First and last name
2. Guest types are: adult member, adult non-member, student(over 16), or child(under 16)

Full Name Guest Type Fees  

Total Registration Fees: $0

Reservations for Lodge
Fees for Lodge beds are $20 PER PERSON per night (children are NOT free). Please remember to bring your own bedding!

Number of people staying in the lodge (including children)

Total fees for Lodge: $0
Reservations for Mycophagy (Cooking) Workshop
Fees are $20 PER PERSON (children are NOT free). Class size is limited to 15. Current enrollment: 9

Number of people attending Mycophagy workshop

Total fees for workshop: $0
Reservations for Mushroom Cultivation Workshop
Fees are $20 PER PERSON (children are NOT free).Class size is limited to 25. Current enrollment: 12

Number of people (including children) attending Mushroom Cultivation Workshop

Total fees for workshop: $0
Special Requests (300 character max)
Volunteers Needed
We need volunteers to help cook, clean, lead forays and other tasks. Volunteers will receive a special foray T-shirt and high fives. If interested in volunteering please check box below and indicate your T-shirt size in the "Special Request" box above.

Thursday afternoon event setup
Thursday dinner cleanup
Friday dinner cleanup
Friday prep for Saturday lunch
Saturday breakfast
Saturday dinner
Sunday breakfast
Sunday cleanup
Total Amount Due: $0