Come participate in the first ever, Continental MycoBlitz Week 2, Oct 20-27, 2019.

This is a very special event where you may submit up to 10 specimens for DNA sequencing, per person.  If we have 10 participants that’s 100 specimens that will be sent to the Project for free.  You will be playing a central role in this continental-scale project to document all the macrofungi of North America.  Our goal is to eventually document and identify all macrofungi, i.e. all species of mushrooms, in the state of Missouri.

This is not a normal foray where you show up, collect mushrooms, maybe help identify them and go home.  If you really want to make a sizable contribution, being the Citizen Scientists, that you are, a bit more will be expected of you.  1.  Go to the  web page.  Click on Register, and complete the information.  2.  Download the iNaturalist Mobile App from your preferred app store.  Ensure that the georeferencing, or GPS, is enable on your phone.  3.  Download your Field Data Slips online.  Be sure to bring them with you to the foray.  4.  Join the Continental Mycoblitz 2019 project in iNaturalist.  5.  Read through the instructional information on the website for collecting, photographing, and documenting your specimens.  Post foray processing and mailing of the mushrooms will be completed by Linda and I.

Please read and perform steps 1-5 prior to the foray, so that you are familiar with the protocol.  This will truly be a first for MOMs. as an organization, and its members.  Come, join Linda and I in an eventful morning of mushroom hunting.  This conservation site is also a first, in that we have never held a foray at this location before.

Make history, become a Citizen Scientist, by helping gather vital information for the Continental MycoBlitz, come even you do not want to participate in the MycoBlitz. Funding is being provided in part by the National Geographic Society, iNaturalist, the North American Mycoflora Project, and others.

Event Details

Event Date 10-20-2019 10:00 am
Fee per person No charge
Location (clickable) Glasberg Family Conservation Area
Sponsoring Chapter St Louis

Venue Information - Glasberg Family Conservation Area

IMPORTANT: Depending on your browser, you may get a better view of the event/meeting location if you select "Satellite" view in the top-left corner of the map. Click on the + button to zoom if for a closer view.

Location Map

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