MO-NAMA 2022 Fall Foray

Registration is up and open for our long-awaited mycogasmic MO-NAMA 2022 Annual Foray!


Missouri's rolling, fungus-filled foothills await the descent of the delighted horde of NAMAniacs this September 29 through October 2 at Trout Lodge, just outside picturesque Potosi. Our host club, Missouri Mycological Society (MOMS) is already excitedly pulling out all possible stops to show you everything their neck of this continent's woods has to offer.


A small crew from MOMS and NAMA had the pleasure of meeting up for a Trout Lodge site visit in February; that our visit fell on Valentine's Day weekend surely must testify to how deeply we love mushrooms…and MOMS!


Trout Lodge exceeded all hopes, expectations and needs for happily ensconcing our event. Comfy, welcoming accommodations, nestled beautifully into 6,000 largely virgin acres of gently rolling hills and dales, all covered thickly in a promising mix of oaks and pines (and sassafras, and Nyssa, and sweet gum and sycamore and, and, and), even in the dead of winter our hearts sang SUCH a fungal tune!  We even saw an Armadillo (new to Missouri)) walking happily in a pasture.


The resort's comfy configuration enables us to offer several lodging styles -- and price points! -- from which foray-goers may choose, ranging from standard hotel rooms (each with a deck overlooking the lake), to shared cabins (lake-view or forest-view), to summer camp-style communal bunkhouse, to tent camping! We are offering a commuter package for those who wish to stay offsite. Meals will be provided cafeteria-style and are quite good…something for every palate. And I noticed a prevailing kind, can-do, enthusiastic ethos among the friendly Trout Lodge staff. I predict that our attendees will feel most warmly welcomed into our temporary home.


This year's rockstar speakers' roster includes (thanks to host club MOMS) our TWO stellar chief mycologists (and familiar faces), Dr. Andy Methven and, as he likes to call himself, the "Wrong Reverend" Jay Justice!  We are also delighted to have engaged MSA NAMA Scholarship recipients Mara DeMers and Rachel Swenie, as well as Cornelia Cho, lichenologist Natalie Howe, Jon Sommer, Andy Miller, Henry Beker and local mycomarvel Mike Snyder, who is also committed to lead our cultivation workshops, while the astonishing water-colorist and longtime NAMA foray fave, Denis Benjamin, is on tap to teach and inspire with his artistic ability.


Just last week, Mike did some foray-site scouting for us and offers these tantalizing observations: "There are an enormous number of trails and cool features to see on the Trout Lodge grounds. Lots of big trees and various forest types. Looks very promising for mushroom hunting! I spent most of the day onsite, but I also stopped at a few other spots on the way back home that will make excellent foray spots as well! Bruch, you'll be happy to learn that I discovered an old Civil War era cemetery right by the lake! There were some old lichenized tombstones so you may get your lichens in the cemetery foray right onsite!"


That last comment is directed at my stated desire to honor the late great Gary Lincoff's penchant for opening our eyes to the oft-overlooked fungal (and lichenic) wonders to be found in graveyards, the older the better! Here's hoping we can gain access to these hallowed grounds for some respectful citizen sciencing.


The event is still months away and will continue to be fostered to fruition by our capable team of NAMA Foray Chair Sam Landes and MOMS/NAMA Liaison Maxine Stone, along with the host of enthused folks we have assembled to knock this one out of the park. I'm already yearning to get back down to that lovely locale and dig on into the fungal riches soon to burst from the thawed ground. 


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Lots to read here….but I, Maxine, also want to ask for volunteers.  I already have a number of volunteers but I need more.  From taking a shift at registration, to helping with the socials at night to just about anything. Contact me at   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Event Details

Event Date 09/29/2022
Event End Date 10/02/2022
Fee per person Varies
Speaker Various
Foray Leader Various
Attendance NAMA Membership Required
Fee Varies
Registration? Registration required thru NAMA (see info above)
Contact Person Maxine Stone
Phone 314-420-4980
Location (clickable) YMCA Trout Lodge
Sponsoring Chapter St Louis

Venue Information - YMCA Trout Lodge

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