Wild Times Foray and Foodfest

 Sunday, November 12 - Yes, it is a week later than usual

Mark your calendars for the foray that concludes our mushroom hunting for 2023!  It is late in the year, and we’ve had cold and snowy weather although usually it is beautiful.  The weather, as does the quantity and diversity of our finds, varies.  What doesn’t vary is the camaraderie among MOMS members and the quality of our potluck meal.  Participants are encouraged to bring food from the wild to share.  In the past we’ve had delicious blue gills, venison chili, rabbit, squirrel, persimmon pudding, and numerous fall mushroom dishes.  We can be sure of finding hickory nuts there – if anyone can crack ‘em!

Bring a dish you are proud of – and willing to share- utensils, tableware, and beverage of choice.  We will have a fire in the fireplace of Alta Shelter at Babler, and there are usually a couple of charcoal grills or stoves for warming things.

Wild Times is a fond farewell for the season and will provide memories to keep us warm until the winter luncheon.

For information contact Jan Simons Raiser or Steve Booker.

Event Details

Event Date 11-12-2023 11:00 am
Registered 31
Fee per person Free
Foray Leader Steve Booker/Jan Simons
Attendance Members and nonmembers welcome
Registration? Registration required
Contact Person Steve Booker/Jan Simons (see links in the description above)
Location (clickable) Babler State Park-Alta Shelter
Sponsoring Chapter St Louis

Venue Information - Babler State Park-Alta Shelter

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We are no longer accepting registrations for this event

Location Map

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